Dog on the dock When it's time to say goodbye...

Making the decision

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What a wonderful experience you take on when you bring a pet into your life. With the help and guidance from us, your pet health team, and with your love and care your pets share everything with you.

Our pets see us through marriages, divorces, and the birth of children. They are a friend who will always keep your secrets. They are there for you whenever you may need them. They are forever making us laugh. They can test our patience. They are the best pals we have for accepting us as we are.

However at some point your journey together nears an end.

This is the time where we are there for you and your pet. Your veterinarian is the best judge of your pet’s physical condition; however, you are the best judge of the quality of your pet’s daily life. If your pet has a good appetite, responds to attention, seeks your company, and participates in play or family life, depending on other health issues, this may not be the time. However, if your pet is in constant pain, undergoing difficult and stressful treatments that aren’t helping greatly, unresponsive to affection, unaware of its surroundings, and uninterested in life, the time is near to say goodbye.

Evaluate your pet’s health honestly and unselfishly with your veterinarian. Prolonging a pet’s suffering in order to prevent your own ultimately helps neither of you. Nothing can make this decision an easy or painless one, but it is truly the final act of love that you can make for your pet.

We cherish the bond people have with their pets. We treat them as we would want our own pets to be treated. With care, compassion and respect.

At our facilities we take great pride in providing the most comfortable, stress-free euthanasia. We all have pets and many of us have gone though this exact experience.

There are options when it does come time for euthanasia for your pet. You may want to be present with your pet for the euthanasia. Or you may not. There is no right or wrong decision – just the one that works for you.

Being with your pet during the procedure is one option. Many feel this is the ultimate gesture of love and comfort you can offer your pet. Some feel relief and comfort themselves by staying. They were able to see that their pet passed peacefully and without pain, and that they are truly gone. However, for some people, this can be traumatic, and you must ask yourself honestly whether you will be able to handle it. Are you prepared for this being the last memory of your pet? Uncontrolled emotions and tears – though natural – may upset your pet.

If you feel you cannot be present, rest assured that you can admit your pet for euthanasia and we will still provide the same compassionate service as if you were here.

Consider what will be least traumatic for you and your pet, and discuss your desires and concerns with our doctors. .

Care of your pet after euthanasia

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Some people have the ability to bring their pets home for burial. Others choose cremation. Our cremation service is provided by “Until We Meet Again”. They are a caring group of people who are very dedicated and trustworthy.

When your pet is cremated you may choose to have their own ashes returned to you as a private cremation. Or if not, they will be placed in a communal cremation and scattered respectfully as a group.

Regardless of what you decide there are many ways to remember your friend. Many of our clients have made memorial gardens (with or without their pets ashes), planted a special tree, made a collage of pictures, or a memory book. Our cremation service provider, “Until we meet again” also offers a clay “paw print” impression.

We are there for you and your family please ask us for help during a difficult time like euthanasia.