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Slide Your Team When you and your pet walk through our doors, something special happens. You feel an incredible team at your back. A team who is experienced in Sechelt. A team that works together to make sure that your pet is receiving the best care – every single visit. A team who will listen intently to your questions and concerns, and truly cares about you and your pet. A team that believes you deserve no less.
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cat dog playing together Fear Free Because we are deeply sensitive to your pets’ physical and emotional state, we always deliver our care in a kind and gentle manner and every member of our team is fear free certified. We believe this creates a more positive experience for both you and your pet.

Our new techniques, environmental controls, like music and pheromone sprays, as well as scrumptious food rewards, help your pet feel less stress when they visit. Not only does this make for a better day for your pet it also has some measurable benefits like more accurate heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature readings.

Ask any of our team about our Fear Free training or come see its benefits for yourself. Your pet will thank you.
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Expect More.

We believe it is incredibly important to serve our clients with excellence and transparency. You get to trust that the medical advice and the care you are getting is excellent. We also believe your costs should be fair, and we follow the CVMA’s suggested fees for veterinary services in British Columbia. You will walk out feeling confident that your pet received phenomenal care, and you will feel like your veterinary team truly cares about you. Because when you feel you can trust your veterinary team, we can do amazing things together for your pet.